Simply Go Portable Oxygen Concentrator Including Mobile Cart

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SimplyGo offers continuous flow and pulse-dose delivery in a device weighing 10 pounds. Reliably manage the therapy and lifestyle needs of your patients with just one POC. Simplify patient management - and your business - with SimplyGo.


A new breed of POC for continuous and pulsed oxygen delivery
SimplyGo is the only POC to offer both continuous flow and pulse-dose delivery in a single device weighing only 10 pounds.


Warranty and service programs that fit your business
SimplyGo's warranty and service programs are all about flexibility. With SimplyGo, you have a choice of two-, three-, or five-year warranties. While some POCs must be returned to the manufacturer for service, your technicians can perform work on SimplyGo right in your shop, if your prefer.


High impact resistant design sets new standards of ruggedness
With a long-life compressor, high-quality parts, a high impact resistant design, and oversized cart wheels, SimplyGo was built to set new standards of ruggedness. During development, SimplyGo was rigorously tested and subjected to extreme conditions including impacts, vibrations, and temperatures to deliver reliable performance day in and day out.


Intuitive control panel is easy to read
SimplyGo's streamlined control panel is convenient and easy to use. All device operations are immediately at your fingertips.


Carrying case for convenience on the go
SimplyGo's attractive multi-purpose carrying case allows users to wear it over the shoulder or secure it to the mobile cart. An extra battery, cannula, or other accessories fit in the zippered pouch.


Exchangeable batteries are powered for success
The battery is immediately accessible. One of the keys to SimplyGo's portability is its lightweight and compact battery. It is easily accessible and can be quickly changed by patients. There are no awkward external battery belts, connectors, or hard-to-maintain internal batteries. Patients want more time? Simply take along more batteries.


Long-life compressor for long-lasting care


Large oxygen output for all patient needs
SimplyGo has more than twice the oxygen output of any POC weighing 10 pounds or less. That means SimplyGo is able to keep up with your patients' portable oxygen needs today and tomorrow.


Teams up with EverFlo for a complete oxygen solution
When SimplyGo is teamed up with EverFlo—our low maintenance, lightweight, stationary oxygen concentrator for use in the home—you can create an oxygen-generating system that will meet the needs of nearly all patients while helping to reduce your cost of providing oxygen therapy.


Oversized cart wheels for smooth mobility
SimplyGo's handy fold up cart features six inch oversized cart wheels for a smoother roll. And the cart's adjustable handle enables users to attach the accessory case and optional humidifier pouch if desired.


Comes with everything you need so patients are good to go
Basic system includes SimplyGo portable oxygen concentrator, carrying case, mobile cart, one rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, DC and AC power cords, accessory case, and user manual.


Operating alarms keep you informed
SimplyGo has several operating alarms that allow you to monitor its performance.

  • Size: 29.2 cm x 25.4 cm x 15.2 cm (11.5" x 10" x 6")
  • Weight with battery: 4.5 (10) kb (lbs)
  • SimplyGo's battery duration: 3.0 (pulse dose setting of 2*) and 0.9 (continuous flow 2 LPM) hr
  • Sound level: ≤ 43 dB at pulse setting 2 dB


Product Note Price
SimplyGo Humidifier pouch SimplyGo Humidifier pouch
£8.40 *
SimplyGo UK AC power cord SimplyGo UK AC power cord
£8.21 *
Philips Humidifier connecting tube Philips Humidifier connecting tube
£4.31 *
SimplyGo Air/O2 Supply tubing (50 units per case) SimplyGo Air/O2 Supply tubing (50 units per case)
£43.80 *
SimplyGo External battery charger UK (3 pin 'kettle plug' connection) SimplyGo External battery charger UK (3 pin 'kettle plug' connection)
£300.00 *
SimplyGo Accessory case SimplyGo Accessory case
£42.00 *
SimplyGo DC Car charger SimplyGo DC Car charger
£72.00 *
SimplyGo DC Airline cord SimplyGo DC Airline cord
£18.00 *

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