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How to Use the Laerdal Suction Unit (LSU)

Setup and Use of the LSU

The Laerdal Suction Unit (LSU) is a portable, powerful and highly reliable suction unit designed for optimal preparation in emergency situations. The LSU is available as a reusable or semi-disposable option, depending on your requirements.

Laerdal LSU Diagrams


Before Use Checklist

  • Check that no parts are missing and that all parts are clean.
  • To operate the LSU from an external power source, connect to either external AC or DC power. To operate the LSU from the internal battery, check that the battery is installed.
  • Run Device Test.

LSU Reusable:

  • Check that the Patient Suction Tubing is securely connected to the Patient Inlet on the Canister Lid; and the Aerosol Filter is securely fastened in the LSU and the lid.
  • Check that a suction catheter is attached to the patient suction tube or suction adapter. Do not use the suction tube or suction adapter without a suction catheter attached.

LSU Serres:

  • Check that the Serres Vacuum Connector is properly connected to the LSU and to the canister.
  • Check that the lid of the canister is properly sealed: block patient inlet and turn on the LSU. Vacuum will build up when all parts are assembled correctly.
  • Attach appropriate suction catheter if necessary. (Not supplied by Laerdal Medical).


How to use the device:

  1. Unwind the Suction Tubing. Set the Operating Knob to the required vacuum level. The LSU will switch on and start to operate. The Power On Indicator lights up during operating.
  2. When suction is complete, set the Operating Knob to “0” to turn off.

Caution: Even if the Operating Knob is set to “0”, voltage is present on some of the internal circuitry when the LSU is connected to external power. Disconnect from the mains to fully remove power.


After Use Checklist

  • Inspect all parts of the LSU for damage and excessive wear. Replace parts if necessary.
  • Clean the LSU cabinet. Clean and disinfect reusable parts. See Cleaning section.
  • LSU Serres: The Serres Vacuum Connector should be replaced regularly. Place an unopened Serres Suction Tube on the side of the LSU.
  • Perform Device Test. See Device Test section.
  • Place the LSU on charge.

The Aerosol Filter protects the LSU by preventing aerosols from entering the Pump Unit. It is not intended for microbiological or for particle filtration. The Aerosol Filter is not designed for decontamination. It is recommended that the Aerosol Filter be replaced after each use or at least once every shift. If the LSU is used on patients in areas where cross contamination is not an issue, the Aerosol Filter should be replaced at least once a month. It is recommended always to have extra Aerosol Filters with the LSU in case one has to be discarded. If the Aerosol Filter becomes wet, it should be replaced immediately or as soon as possible after use.


  • Check the filter after each use. If the filter is broken so liquid penetrates the membrane, the pump will be contaminated. Contact Laerdal Service.
  • The Float Ball (in the Canister lid) shuts off the vacuum if the Canister is full or the LSU tips over. To restore the vacuum, remove the Angled Connector from the Vacuum Inlet. The Float Ball will be released and the Angled Connector can be reattached.
  • The Serres Suction Bag system contains a hydrophilic filter that shuts off the vacuum if the canister is full or the LSU tips over. To restore the vacuum, replace the Suction bag.