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Keito M8 Health Monitor

Product no.: HSP1150

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The Keito M8 is a dual function automatic monitor which performs the following functions without the need for patient supervision.


Measures weight, height, calculates BMI, measures blood pressure and pulse rate in the full operation -  or weight, height, BMI in partial mode.


At the end of the process, the results are printed to a ticket(s).


Usually sited in the reception/waiting area, the monitor is ideal if used for updating patient records, or allowing patients to monitor their weight BMI and BP on their own.


The monitor is extremely user-friendly, with visual and audio step by step instructions, making the whole process very easy for the patient to follow.

  • Dimensions:
    H-208cm D-58cm W-36cm
  • Weighing system
    Weighs up to 220kg in 0.2kg increments
    Complies with EC Directive 90/384/EEC Class III for non automatic weighing machines
    Max: 220kg Min: 4kg e=0.2kg
  • Height measurement
    Measures height up to 200cm (6'7")
  • Blood pressure system
    Complies with EC Directive 93/42/EEC Class IIa
  • Programmable ticket header and information
    Operates from a standard 13amp electrical socket


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Thermal Paper Rolls for Keito Health Monitors (pack of 10)
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