Medi-Plinth 3 Section Examination Couch - Electric Ash Grey

Medi-Plinth 3 Section Examination Couch - Electric Ash Grey

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Medi-Plinths best selling 3 section couch enables advance patient positioning for a wide range of examination and treatment procedures providing optimum versatility.


Standard Features:

  • 260kg safe working load for electric
  • 225kg safe working load for hydraulic
  • Retractable rubber castors
  • Paper roll holder fitted as standard
  • MRSA resistant anti bacterial & fire retardant upholstery
  • Gas assisted back and foot section
  • NEW - Extra low entry height for wheel chair transfer
  • NEW - World leading Linak ‘High Reliability’ actuators
  • Upholstery available in 25 standard colours
  • Manufactured in the UK and CE Marked
  • Popular Accessory: Electric Back Rest (EB01)
  • 7 year warranty on the frame & 3 year warranty on all moving parts
  • Free Installation
  • Dimensions: (H) 91cm (W) 63cm (L) 186cm
  • Face hole not included as seen in image.

Available Options & Accessories:

  • Breathing Hole
  • Footswitch Control
  • Extra Wide Upholstery (75 cm)
  • Chrome or Painted Cot Sides
  • Arm Support Tables
  • Visco Elastic Pressure Relief Cushions
  • Clean Edge Base Cover (electric only)
  • Foot Protection Cover
  • Other Standard Accessories


Medi-Plinth 7 Year Warranty


Your couch is very robustly constructed and will operate for many years without attention. It also comes with a comprehensive parts and labour warranty to cover manufacturing or material defects of 7 years for the frame and 3 years for other parts.



Upholstery comes in 25 standard colours. All of the upholstery is upholstered in durable and comfortable vinyl which inhibits MRSA (3352 Methicillin resistant to Staphylococcus Aurous) Bio-Pruf treated to resist the growth of mould, mildew and odour causing microbes. The Vinyl is also fire retardant. Most couches are available in 750mm extra wide upholstery, which offers improved general comfort and access especially when treating larger patients. Please kindly note that you will be required to include your vinyl selection as part of your couch order.

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Luxury Dark Blue Luxury Sky Blue Luxury Red Luxury Beige Luxury Damson Apple Mint Cherry Blossom Dune Gun Metal Grey Lilac Raspberry Crush


Colours displayed are used as a reference, they may not be an exact match. Thank you.


Additional product information

Mechanism Electric
Upholstery Ash Grey


Product Note Price
Breathing Hole Breathing Hole
£48.54 *
20 inch White Couch Rolls (x9) (Length 40 metres) 20 inch White Couch Rolls (x9) (Length 40 metres)
£32.40 *
10" White Couch Rolls (x18) 10" White Couch Rolls (x18)
£36.00 *
Transportation Castors Transportation Castors
£72.00 *
Medi-Plinth Cot Sides Painted - Pair Medi-Plinth Cot Sides Painted - Pair
£151.20 *
Medi-Plinth Paper Roll Holder Medi-Plinth Paper Roll Holder
£26.70 *
Medi-Plinth Cot Side Painted (Single) Medi-Plinth Cot Side Painted (Single)
£64.03 *
Cot Sides Chrome (Single) Cot Sides Chrome (Single)
£81.67 *
Cot Sides Chrome (Pair) Cot Sides Chrome (Pair)
£181.50 *
Medi-Plinth Detachable Head Rest Medi-Plinth Detachable Head Rest
£69.47 *
Padded Arm Tables (Pair) Padded Arm Tables (Pair)
£151.68 *
Electric Back Rest Electric Back Rest
£218.41 *
Adjustable Arm Rests Adjustable Arm Rests
£139.54 *
Extra Wide Patient Surface Extra Wide Patient Surface
£128.30 *
Mattress Body
£245.70 *
Oxygen Bottle Holder Oxygen Bottle Holder
£132.00 *
Medi-Plinth Foot Switch - One Motor Medi-Plinth Foot Switch - One Motor
£58.80 *

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