Roche Accutrend Plus Complete Kit 05123119001

Roche Accutrend Plus Complete Kit 05123119001

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The Roche Accutrend Plus complete kit is supplied with:

  • 1 Roche Accutrend Plus Monitor
  • 1 Protective Case for the Accutrend Kit and Test Strips
  • 2x 1.5ml Accutrend Cholesterol Control Solution
  • 2x 4ml BM Lactate Control Solution
  • 2x 4ml Accutrend Glucose Control Solution
  • 1x 200 Safe-T-Pro Plus Lancets
  • 1x 25 Accutrend Triglycerides Test Strips
  • 1x 25 Accutrend Cholesterol Test Strips
  • 1x 25 BM Lactate Test Strips
  • 1x 50 BM Accutest Glucose Test Strips

Trusted technology for a variety of healthcare settings


The new Accutrend Plus system is a flexible handheld device ideal for professional use in non-hospital settings, such as community health screening fairs, physicians’ offices, home healthcare agencies, and pharmacies.


The Accutrend Plus system uses the same strip technology that healthcare professionals have trusted in the ACCU-CHEK® InstantPlus since 1997. This next-generation meter features a bigger, easy-to-read display and a sleek ergonomic design for easy handling.


Reliable, convenient strip technology


Accutrend Glucose and Accutrend Cholesterol test strips provide fast, reliable results using the chemistry that has been proven for more than a decade in the ACCU-CHEK InstantPlus system. The strips can be stored at room temperature and can be dosed outside of the meter, which helps prevent cross-contamination and makes the system ideal for community health screenings.


Cholesterol results in just three minutes


Cholesterol screening helps healthcare professionals and others identify patients at risk for cardiovascular disease. The Accutrend Plus system provides a simple, CLIA-waived test that delivers total cholesterol results in just three minutes. When patients with abnormal cholesterol levels are identified, their healthcare providers can help them quickly take the next step to better health by beginning an effective treatment program.


Blood glucose results in 12 seconds


Glucose testing helps caregivers and patients with diabetes monitor blood sugar levels and ensure that appropriate therapeutic interventions are made as quickly as possible, to reduce the chance of developing potentially life-threatening complications.


CLIA-waived and easy to use, the Accutrend Plus system makes cholesterol and blood glucose monitoring a simple part of every office visit or community health screening program.


Accutrend Plus system benefits

  • Convenient – lets you monitor both cholesterol and glucose with one easy-to-use, handheld meter
  • Out-of-meter dosing – ability to add blood to the strip outside the meter helps prevent cross-contamination and improve patient safety, make it well – suited for the community health screening environment.
  • Fast, reliable results1 – helps healthcare provider make accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment decisions
  • Portability – lightweight, ergonomic design makes meter easy to handle and operate
  • Large display – easy-to-read screen helps user view results and interpret them accurately
  • Onboard QC – built-in performance quality control testing uses multiple checks to ensure accurate and reliable results
  • Positive strip lot ID – Positive identification of strip lot and code parameters helps ensure accurate results and proper system performance
  • Enhanced memory – Meter stores up to 100 results for each test parameter (glucose and cholesterol)


Product Note Price
Roche Cholesterol Strips (Box of 25) for Roche Accutrend
£72.11 *
Roche Accutest Glucose (Box of 25) for Roche Accutrend Roche Accutest Glucose (Box of 25) for Roche Accutrend
£11.42 *
Roche Accutrend Triglyceride Strips (Box of 25)
£71.76 *
Roche Accutrend Lactate Strips (Box of 25)
£55.66 *
Roche Accutrend Glucose Control Solution (2 x 4ml)
£13.43 *
Roche Accutrend Lactate Control (1 x 1.5ml)
£24.32 *
Roche Accutrend Cholesterol Control Solution CH1 (1 x 1.5ml)
£14.12 *

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