HemoCue WBC Diff Analyser

HemoCue WBC Diff Analyser

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The HemoCue® WBC DIFF System is a new and unique point of care system for
determination of a total white blood cell count with a five part differential count.
Built on HemoCue´s proven and reliable cuvette technology and ease of use, lab
quality results are obtained within minutes.

Immediate access to a white blood cell differential count, together with other clinical evidence, can guide and empower physicians to take swift, informed action that can make a critical difference in health outcomes. The HemoCue WBC DIFF can speed up the process from assessment to treatment, by providing immediate results at the pointof-care that may help you to:

  • Produce timely and accurate treatment decisions
  • Reduce consultation time and follow-up consultations
  • Reduce your patients waiting time

Three Simple Steps

1. Fill the cuvette with a drop of blood

2. Push the button for patient test and place the cuvette in the analyzer

3. Receive lab-quality five part differential – within 5 minutes

  • Method: The white blood cell count is determined by hemolyzation of red cells and colour staining of white cells in the HemoCue® Microcuvettes. Several images are ken of the stained white cells and the number of cells are counted in the HemoCue® WBC DIFF Analyzer.
  • Parameters: Leukocytes (White Blood Cells)
    Differential (in absolute and %):
    Neutrophils Basophils
    Lymphocytes Eosinophils
  • HemoCue® WBC DIFF Microcuvettes: Display of total white blood cell count
    and five part differential count.
  • HemoCue® WBC Microcuvettes: Display of total white blood cell count.
  • Measuring range: 0.3-30.0 x 109/L
    The differential is presented when the total WBC count is 1.0-30.0 x 109/L
  • Measuring time: < 5 minutes
  • Sample material: Capillary or venous (EDTA) whole blood
  • Sample volume: 10 μL
  • Quality control: Built-in self test
  • Dimensions: 188x157x155 mm (7.6x6.18x6.10 inches)
  • Weight: 1300g (2.87 punds) with batteries installed
  • Power: 6 C (LR14/HR14) 1.5V batteries or AC adapter
  • Data management: Date, time, Patient ID, Lab ID, Operator ID, Site ID, Control ID
  • Connectivity: POCT1-A over Ethernet connection
  • Peripherals: Barcode scanner, keyboard, printer (232 RS)

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Product Note Price
HemoCue WBC Diff Microcuvettes (2 x 25) HemoCue WBC Diff Microcuvettes (2 x 25)
£218.77 *
Martel Printer Kit Universal for WBC Total or 201+
£480.00 *
Martel Printer Cable for HemoCue 201+
£34.70 *
Prolance Plus Micro Flow 1.6mm (box of 200)
£27.60 *
Prolance Low Flow Lancets 25G needle 1.4mm depth Box of 200
£27.60 *
Prolance Normal Flow Lancets 21G needle 1.8mm depth Box of 200
£27.60 *
Prolance High Flow Lancets 18G needle 1.8mm depth Box of 200
£27.60 *
Prolance Plus Paediatric blade 1.2mm (box of 200)
£40.48 *
HemoCue® WBC and WBC DIFF cleaner, 5 pcs
£15.67 *
Opticon USB Barcode scanner (for use with 5 part DIFF)
£191.24 *
USB keyboard (Flexible) (for use with 5 part DIFF)
£48.97 *
HemoCue WBC Total Analyser Annual Return to Base Service Contract
£351.60 *
WBC DIFF Control Kit 3 x 2ml (1 Month Supply)
£108.00 *
WBC DIFF Control Kit 2x(3 x 2ml) (2 Month Supply)
£154.50 *

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