HemoCue WBC Analyser

HemoCue WBC Analyser

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The HemoCue® WBC system is a unique point-of-care testing system for the determination of the total white blood cell count. Based on HemoCue’s proven
and reliable cuvette technology and ease of use, lab quality results are obtained within minutes, making the system optimal for primary care settings.

Immediate access to a white blood cell differential count, together with other clinical evidence, can guide and empower physicians to take swift, informed action that can make a critical difference in health outcomes. The HemoCue WBC DIFF can speed up the process from assessment to treatment, by providing immediate results at the pointof-care that may help you to:

  • Produce timely and accurate treatment decisions
  • Reduce consultation time and follow-up consultations
  • Reduce your patients waiting time

Three Simple Steps


1. Fill the cuvette with a drop of blood

2. Push the button for patient test and place the cuvette in the analyzer

3. Receive lab-quality five part differential – within 5 minutes


  • Method: The white blood cell count is determined by hemolyzation of red cells and colour staining of white cells in the HemoCue® Microcuvettes. Several images are ken of the stained white cells and the number of cells are counted in the HemoCue® WBC DIFF Analyzer.
  • Parameters: Leukocytes (White Blood Cells)
          Differential (in absolute and %):
          Neutrophils Basophils
          Lymphocytes Eosinophils
  • HemoCue® WBC DIFF Microcuvettes: Display of total white blood cell count
    and five part differential count.
  • HemoCue® WBC Microcuvettes: Display of total white blood cell count.
  • Measuring range: 0.3-30.0 x 109/L
    The differential is presented when the total WBC count is 1.0-30.0 x 109/L
  • Measuring time: < 5 minutes
  • Sample material: Capillary or venous (EDTA) whole blood
  • Sample volume: 10 μL
  • Quality control: Built-in self test
  • Dimensions: 188x157x155 mm (7.6x6.18x6.10 inches)
  • Weight: 1300g (2.87 punds) with batteries installed
  • Power: 6 C (LR14/HR14) 1.5V batteries or AC adapter
  • Data management: Date, time, Patient ID, Lab ID, Operator ID, Site ID, Control ID
  • Connectivity: POCT1-A over Ethernet connection
  • Peripherals: Barcode scanner, keyboard, printer (232 RS)

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Product Note Price
HemoCue WBC Microcuvettes (4 x 40) HemoCue WBC Microcuvettes (4 x 40)
£229.13 *
Martel Printer Kit Universal for WBC Total or 201+
£480.00 *
Martel Printer Cable for HemoCue 201+
£34.70 *
Prolance Plus Micro Flow 1.6mm (box of 200)
£27.60 *
Prolance Low Flow Lancets 25G needle 1.4mm depth Box of 200
£27.60 *
Prolance Normal Flow Lancets 21G needle 1.8mm depth Box of 200
£27.60 *
Prolance High Flow Lancets 18G needle 1.8mm depth Box of 200
£27.60 *
Prolance Plus Paediatric blade 1.2mm (box of 200)
£40.48 *
*WBC TOTAL control solution level 1,2,3 (Not for DIFF) (2x1ml vials of each level)
£101.47 *
HemoCue® WBC and WBC DIFF cleaner, 5 pcs
£15.67 *
HemoCue WBC Total Analyser Annual Return to Base Service Contract
£351.60 *

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