HemoCue Haemoglobin 301 Analyser g/L

HemoCue Haemoglobin 301 Analyser g/L

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Accurate POC Anemia Screening From the Pioneers

Optimized for anemia screening in blood donation settings, the HemoCue® Hb 301 system is a simple and convenient solution providing quick, easy access to lab-quality results without compromising accuracy.

With dedicated support and service as well as unmatched training and education based on over 30 years of experience, you can count on HemoCue for the right solutions for all your needs.

Have Confidence in Your Answers at the Point of Care

  • Precise factory calibration against the ICSH reference method
  • Patented microcuvette technology with excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility
  • Robust testing within a wide range of temperatures and humidity
  • Blood-based liquid controls available

Get Easy Access to Lab-Quality Accuracy

  • Capillary, venous or arterial whole blood sample
  • Brief training with virtually no maintenance
  • Link result with patient ID for medical record integration
  • Printer interface


Absorbance measurement of whole blood at an Hb/HbO2 isobestic point; dual wavelengths (506 nm and 880 nm) for Hb measurement and turbidity

Factory calibrated against the ICSH reference method; needs no further calibration

Sample Material:
Capillary, venous or arterial whole blood

Measurement Range:
0–25.6 g/dL (0–256 g/L, 0–15.9 mmol/L)
Results Within:
10 seconds

Sample Volume:
~10 μL

140 × 70 × 160 mm (5.51 × 2.76 × 6.29 inches)

500g (1.10 pounds) with batteries installed

Storage Temp:

0–50 °C  (32–122 °F)

Operating Temp:
10–40 °C  (50–104 °F)

AC adapter or 4 AA batteries

Printer and HemoCue® Basic Connect™ including barcode scanner

Quality Control:
Built-in ”selftest”, optional liquid controls

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