BSN Medical Cutimed Sorbact Gel - 7.5cm x 15cm - Pack of 10

BSN Medical Cutimed Sorbact Gel - 7.5cm x 15cm - Pack of 10

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BSN Medical  Cutimed Sorbact Gel - 15 grams - Pack of 10



High moisture donation supports autolytic debridement, making it an effective yet gentle way to remove necrotic or sloughy tissue without risk of maceration.  In addition, it can be used to donate moisture to dry wounds even in the later stages of wound healing. It is also suitable as a treatment for continent dermatits.


Product Benefits

Preservative-free formulation:  Cutimed Gel is free from preservatives that are sometimes found in other hydrogels, reducing the risk of allergies
Optimum consistency and viscosity:  Easy to apply and remains securely in place until covered by a secondary dressing.
Easy removal:  Cutimed Gel easily washes out of the wound leaving no residue
Compatible with secondary dressings:   Cutimed Gel can be covered with any type of seconday dressing e.g. Leukomed® T plus or Cutimed® Siltec®  according to exudate levels

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