BSN Medical Cutimed Sorbact swabs - 4cm x 6cm - Pack of 5

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BSN Medical  Cutimed Sorbact swabs - 4cm x 6cm - Pack of 5


A New Approach to Managing Infected Wounds Cutimed Sorbact is a unique range of antimicrobial wound dressings, promoting natural wound healing. Using a unique mode of action, which works without a chemically active agent,
they are effective in all unclean, colonised and infected wounds


How it Works

Cutimed Sorbact uses the physical principle of hydrophobic interaction. 
The dressings are coated with a fatty acid derivative (DACC) which gives them their highly hydrophobic properties.


In the moist environment of an infected wound, bacteria are attracted to the dressing and become irreversibly bound to it. 

Removing the dressing therefore also removes the 'captured' bacteria which cannot multiply or 'escape' once bound to the dressing fibres.  Cutimed Sorbact can also bind harmful toxins released by bacteria


Product Benefits

Reducing the bacterial bioburden in a wound results in improved healing.  By removing bacteria with each dressing change, Cutimed Sorbact reduces not only their number but also the level of harmful toxins, improving conditions for wound healing to take place


The more pathogenic the bacteria, the more effectively Cutimed Sorbact removes them.

This is because of another proven principle:  the more virulent the bacteria, the more hydrophobic - and the stronger the attraction to the dressing's specially coated surface.

None of the drawbacks of conventional antimicrobial dressings.  With Cutimed


Sorbact dressings there is no risk of bacteria developing resistance in the way they might with other antimicrobial dressings and antibiotics. 

There is also no cytotoxicity, no disturbance in wound inspection and no contra-indications - the dressing can be used safely during pregnancy, breastfeeding and on children.


Indications for Use
For all unclean, colonised and infected exuding wounds:
Chronic wounds, such as venous, arterial, diabetic and pressure ulcers
Wounds after excision of fistulae and abscesses
Postoperative, dehisced wounds
Traumatic wounds

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