SISSEL Pilates Roller 15cm x 90cm

SISSEL Pilates Roller 15cm x 90cm

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SISSEL Pilates Roller, 10cm,90cm, white, including exercise poster

Pilates roll in extruded foam to improve core stabilisation and balance.
Pilates rollers are used to enhance balance and core stabilisation.

  • Ideal for rehabilitation.
  • Can be used in the Feldenkrais Method.
  • Used at a right angle or parallel to the spine.
  • Manufactured from extruded foam.
  • Colour: white.
  • Size: Ø4"(10cm) x 36"(90cm) & Ø6"(15cm) x 36"(90cm).
  • "D" shaped foam roll, 3" (7.5cm) x 36" (90cm), height x length.

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