SISSEL Exercise Ball - 55cm Blue

SISSEL Exercise Ball - 55cm Blue

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* High safety standards, burst proof up to 75 kg dynamic weight.
    * Handles static weight up to 500 kg.
    * Strengthens back musculature and can help relieve back pain.
    * Encourages correct posture.
    * Proven training aid in fitness and rehabilitation.
    * Can be used instead of a chair to sit on at home, at work or in school.
    * Latex and phthalate free.
    * Surface has a pleasant, warm feel but is extremely resistant to abrasion.
    * Size:
          o Ø 55 cm
          o Ø 65 cm
          o Ø 75 cm
    * Available:
          o blue
          o red
    * Complete with 2 stoppers and full inflation and care instructions.


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