Cardioline ECG 100+ with Glasgow ECG Interpretation

Cardioline ECG 100+ with Glasgow ECG Interpretation

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The Cardioline ECG100+ is an advanced 12-lead 6 channel ECG designed to capture, display, acquire, print-out (on 100mm z-fold paper) and store ECG exams for adults, children and infants.

ECG100+ extracts the critical ECG parameters and offers interpretation and diagnosis when equipped with the Glasgow Interpretation program available as an option. This interpretation algorithm ensures high level of accuracy as it takes into account specific criteria such as patient sex, age, gender and race. This diagnosis must be reviewed and validated by a physician who will complete the medical report before storage and exporting.

ECG100+ offers full and seamless connectivity through the most common data management interfaces (DICOM, HL7, XML) and can be fully integrated in existing hospital or clinic workflows.

  • Next generation front end for high quality and stable traces, precise measurements, quick and precise ECG acquisition.
  • Extremely high signal quality, which exceeds the most severe standards for ECG acquisition (AAMI, ANSI, AHA, ACC).
  • Interpretation algorithm from the University of Glasgow for the best performances in resting ECG analysis.
  • Different connectivity options (USB, LAN) for integration and bidirectional communication with the standard patient clinical and demographic data management systems.
  • Different export formats and protocols: SCP (standard available), XML-PDF-GDT (included in standard connectivity option), DICOM (included in DICOM connectivity option) and HL7 (optional), to interface with all the standard management systems.
  • Wide colour display with high quality traces for safe and quick acquisition.
  • Easy to use and intuitive user interface with full alphanumeric keyboard and programmable keys.


  • ECG leads - 12-leads (I, II, III, aVR-L-F, V1-6)
  • CMRR - > 100 dB
  • DC input impedance input impedance - No lead-off 100 MΩ
  • A/D converter - 24 bit, 32 kHz
  • Sampling frequency - 500 Hz
  • A/D conversion - 20 bit
  • Resolution - < 1uV/LSB
  • Bandwidth - 0.05 – 150 Hz
  • Pacemaker detection - Hardware detection coupled with convolution digital
  • Filters - Diagnostic fully digital high pass filter; adaptive digital AC interference filter (50/60 Hz); digital low pass filter muscolar filter 25 and 40 Hz (only for display and printing)
  • Defibrillator protected - AAMI/IEC standards
  • Front-end performance - ANSI/AAMI IEC 60601-2-25:2011
  • Safety - ...EN 60601-1 internal power equipment - class I on external AC/DC power supply ANSI/AAMI ES1 CE1936
  • ECG storage - Internal memory 100 ECGs, expansion for 1000 additional ECGs (optional)
  • Display - Backlit, colour LCD display, 4.3” ECG waveform real- time tracing
  • Thermal printer - 8 dot/mm - 108mm; Z-fold 100x150mm
  • Manual printing - 3, 6 channels -,5/10/25/50 mm/s
  • Automatic printing - Standard or Cabrera; 3, 3+1, 3+3, 6 or 12 channels, Patient Demographic, Global Measurements, Optional Interpretation (Glasgow University – Prof. MacFarlane) Adult, Paediatric, STEMI
  • Keypad - Mechanical keypad with alphanumeric keys and special function keys
  • Connectivity - USB device, LAN (optional)
  • Patient cable - Standard 15D, 10-wires
  • Data Export - SCP (standard format), XML-PDF-GDT (included in standard connectivity option), DICOM (included in DICOM connectivity option), HL7 (optional)
  • Power supply - Medical grade AC power-supply (100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz); internal rechargeable battery (NiMH)
  • Internal battery - Recharging time: 4 hours to 85% of full charge Duration: more than 500 ECGs
  • Dimensions - 285 x 204 x 65 mm
  • Weight - 1.8 kg with battery

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