ThermoScope Touchless Infrared Temperature Screening Device

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K2 ThermoScope Infrared Temperature Screening Device - Hands Free
ThermoScope allows businesses to screen the temperatures of their employees or customers. It is not a medical diagnostic device but is a versatile, no touch solution that can be used in many different environments scaling to facial recognition and access control.

ThermoScope is enabled with infra-red scanning technology that screens the user and then informs them of their indicative temperature. It has a simple, friendly interface using an 8-inch HD LCD display and is delivered with the ThermoScope Monitoring Portal (TMP) for proactive monitoring. The portal is updated real time as each person takes their temperature check.

With its fast reading speeds and slender design, ThermoScope allows daily life to continue in a non-intrusive way. This will help businesses to continue to function.

Features at a glance:

  • Infrared, hands-free temperature screening
  • HD Camera and 8 Inch IPS LCD Display
  • Functions with user around 1m away (Optimal distance is 0.5m)
  • Ethernet and Wireless WIFI (2.4GHz) network enabled
  • Waterproof shell
  • Automatic Fill Light
  • 99% Accuracy (±0.3°C)
  • Simple Installation

Why Buy?:

  • No Touch Operation - Operates safely and simply, at a distance of 1 metre, with no human contact.
  • Non-Intrusive Design - Fits seamlessly with your business in a non-intrusive way, allowing daily work to continue.
  • Fully Compliant - All services provided are compliant with GDPR, Data Protection Act 2018 and Occupational Health accreditations (SEQOHS, ICO, ISO 27001, ISO 9001, and Cyber Essentials).
  • Minimal Disruption - The units slimline design and fast reading speeds enable business to continue without interruption. Freestanding, countertop, and wall-mounted configurations available.
  • Web-Based Portal - Flexible, easy to use online web service that provides updates in real-time. (See accessories)
  • Adapts To Your Business - Easy future adapability to integrate employee facial recognition and door entry access.

Stand & Portal License not included - See Accessories Below

How it works
As the individual walks towards ThermoScope, infrared scanning technology detects and screens the individual within 1-2 seconds and provides an indicative temperature. Where the body temperature appears to be high or abnormal, a sound or alert allows you to manage the next steps with the individual, in line with your company's health and safety procedures.




Product Note Price
1.1m Adult Stand for ThermoScope Screener 1.1m Adult Stand for ThermoScope Screener
£210.00 *
0.6m Child Stand for ThermoScope Screener 0.6m Child Stand for ThermoScope Screener
£144.00 *
Desktop Stand for ThermoScope Screener Desktop Stand for ThermoScope Screener
£108.00 *
Wall Mounting Bracket for ThermoScope Screener Wall Mounting Bracket for ThermoScope Screener
£18.00 *
ThermoScope Monitoring Portal (Per License) ThermoScope Monitoring Portal (Per License)
£60.00 *

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