Guest Medical Urine and Vomit Spills Kits

Guest Medical Urine and Vomit Spills Kits

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Unpleasant though they may be, spills of urine or vomit do not generally present the same high risk of viral infection as blood and some other body fluids. Further, adding chlorine products to urine can produce particularly unpleasant odours. When used on vomit, chlorine based chemicals may give off extra chlorine gas.


The Guest Urine & Vomit Spills Kit is more acceptable to health care personnel dealing with such spills because it is not chlorine based. The NQ64 granules are a special blend of absorbents that will quickly and effectively absorb the liquid, allowing the granules and any solid matter to be easily scooped up and removed to the clinical waste sack with a minimum of fuss. The Alcohol Surface Wipes contained within the kit may then be used to disinfect the area affected by the spill.


This unique granular formulation, when used as part of the full kit makes dealing with urine or vomit spills a simple task that can be completed with a minimum of training or supervision. Further, NQ64 Granules will not bleach soft furnishings or fabrics.



  • 6 shakers NQ64 granules
  • 15 scoops and scrapers
  • 1 tub surface wipes
  • 30 synthetic protective gloves
  • 15 yellow waste disposal bags
  • 15 disposable aprons and full instructions for use

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