Omron Gentle Temp 520

Omron Gentle Temp 520

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The Gentle Temp 520 ear thermometer uses the same highly accurate technology
as the Gentle Temp 521 and includes some of its advanced features, including one
second measurement and a memory for up to nine readings to track temperature
changes over a period of time and monitor trends. It also comes with 21 probe
covers. Temperatures can be displayed on the large LCD display in either degrees
centigrade or fahrenheit.

  • 1 Second measurement
  • Stores 9 readings
  • 21 probe covers included
  • Readings in Celsius / Fahrenheit
  • Outer Dimensions: 36 mm (w) x 161 mm (h) x 56 mm (d)
  • Weight: Approx. 85g (with battery installed)
  • Supplied with Test Battery (Lithium Button Battery CR2032), Probe Cap,
  • 21 Probe Covers, Connection Ring and Instruction Manual
  • 3 year warranty


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Omron Probe Covers for Gentle Temp 520 & 521 (Pack 40) Omron Probe Covers for Gentle Temp 520 & 521 (Pack 40)
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