Omron Gentle Temp 720 Infrared Thermometer

Omron Gentle Temp 720 Infrared Thermometer

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The OMRON Gentle Temp 720 is our first digital forehead thermometer. It uses highly accurate technology and has advanced features such as one-second measurement, selectable Centigrade/ Fahrenheit readings and room temperature display.


To make night time readings easier, for instance whilst a child is sleeping, the Gentle Temp 720 has a backlight function. It also features Omron’s 3-in-1 function that gives you the measurement of  the temperature of the room as well as surface temperature.

With a memory capable of recording up to 25 readings, it’s possible to track temperature changes over a period of time and monitor trends. Temperatures can be displayed on the large LCD display in either degrees centigrade or Fahrenheit


The technology – 3 in 1 Temperature Measurement

The Gentle Temp 720 measures forehead temperature, but can also be used to take surface temperatures, from a milk bottle or food dispenser for example, as well as giving readings for the room temperature.

  • Forehead temperature
  • Surface temperature
  • Room temperature (When not in use, ambient temp is constantly displayed)


At a glance

  • 3 in 1 measurement (forehead, surface, room temperature measurement)
  • Fast 1 second measurement
  • Backlight function
  • Selectable Celsius/Fahrenheit
  • New ergonomic design
  • Large display
  • Automatic shut-off after 1 minute if no operation is performed

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