Vitalograph Micro Handheld Spirometer plus a free box of 28554 (75) Eco BVF with Plastic Bite Lip

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Highly accurate, affordable, handheld spirometer for routine testing and reporting.
The Vitalograph micro is a user-friendly handheld spirometer offering full feature functionality. Small, lightweight, and powered by either USB or batteries, the micro is portable and ideal for simple testing and reporting of spirometry. Ideal for use on subjects within general healthcare and occupational health environments.

The reliable micro is easy to use with a touchscreen and colour icon menu. Test results and graphs are displayed on the device for instant review. Keeping the device clean is easy and inexpensive using Bacterial Viral Filters (BVFTM), with validated cross-contamination efficiency >99.999%, protecting the patient, staff and device from expectorated matter, bacteria, and viruses. Vitalograph Reports PC reporting software is included as standard.

  • VC, FVC and bronchodilator responsiveness testing. 48 selectable parameters, GLI predicted equations and Z-scores.
  • Low running costs. No need for expensive disposable sensors, turbines, spirettes or flow tubes.
  • No sensitive moving parts, making it robust and consistently highly accurate even at very low or high flow rates.
  • Save time & money on cleaning by using Vitalograph Bacterial Viral Filters (BVFTM).
  • Includes Reports Software for creating editable PDF reports (for printing, filing, and uploading to EMR systems).
  • Touchscreen for simple and intuitive operation.
  • Be sure of accurate test results through quick and easy calibration verification routines as recommended by international spirometry guidelines (ATS/ERS 2019 and ARTP).
  • Remote flowhead kit (purchased separately) allows the live test to be viewed more easily by the technician.


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Vitalograph 3L Precision Syringe (For Accuracy Check) Vitalograph 3L Precision Syringe (For Accuracy Check)
£358.80 *
Vitalograph BVF Bacterial Viral Filters - Pack of 50 Vitalograph BVF Bacterial Viral Filters - Pack of 50
£59.40 *
Vitalograph SafeTway Mouthpieces - Box of 200 Vitalograph SafeTway Mouthpieces - Box of 200
£30.90 *
Vitalograph Noseclips (Pack of 200) Vitalograph Noseclips (Pack of 200)
£99.60 *

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