Omron HBP-1120 Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron HBP-1120 Blood Pressure Monitor

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Omron HBP-1120 BP Monitor

The HBP-1120 Professional Blood Pressure Monitor is meant for measurement of blood pressure on the basis of the oscillometric principle.

  •  Zero indicator function - Before each measurement, this device indicates that “zero setting” was successful
  • Auscultation Mode
  • Range of 5 Cuffs available (See below)
  • This device and cuff can be cleaned with a soft cloth moistened with alcohol.
  • Compact, can be stored in a drawer
  • Motion stop function - When body movement is detected, the device stops deflation for 5 seconds.
  • Irregular pulse icon - Helps identify changes in heart rate, rhythm, or pulse that may be caused by heart disease or other serious health problems.
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