Swann-Morton Disposable Scalpel with Retractable Blade No-10 (25s)

Swann-Morton Disposable Scalpel with Retractable Blade No-10 (25s)

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With numerous occupational injuries reported each year the EU Council Directive 2010/32/EU aims to achieve the safest possible working environment for healthcare workers through the prevention of medical sharps related injuries.

With improved education, training, awareness and the implementation of control measures combined with risk assessment and changes in working practice, clinicians can contribute to reducing sharps injuries in their own immediate work space.

The Directive recommends that medical devices incorporating engineered safety mechanisms and protection should be “considered” by staff as “part” of their risk
assessment process. This would include devices such as the Swann-Morton Retractable Scalpel now extended to include the large size blades 20 to 25A.

Supporting existing safe passing protocols and procedures the scalpel has a reinforced temporary lock in the forward position ensuring that the blade will stay extended even if it encounters a hard surface or bone during use.

When in the retracted position the slider mechanism contains a notch that holds the blade securely in the retracted passing position.

A permanent lock position at the rear of the scalpel requiring a conscious amount of force to engage the slider ensures the contaminated blade remains retracted
whilst disposing in an appropriate sharps container at the end of the procedure.


  • Designed by a cardiovascular surgeon
  • Supplied sterile for single patient use only
  • Latex free
  • Ribbed, slip-resistant finger grips for secure hold in gloved hands
  • Full blade visibility, even when retracted, to reduce accident risk potential
  • High-visibility red handle
  • Colour-coded button to assist blade identification
  • Audible ‘clicks’ to help indicate blade open & locked position
  • Retractable blade which is easy to open and close

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