QBC ParaLens Advance Complete Fluorescence System with Portability Pack

QBC ParaLens Advance Complete Fluorescence System with Portability Pack

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The QBC ParaLens Advance System transforms your light microscope into an LED fluorescent microscope at a fraction of the cost for detection of Malaria, TB, Trypanosomes and other blood-borne parasites.


The QBC ParaLens Advance is a microscope attachment that utilises a durable, long-lasting LED light source to provide fluorescence capabilities to any light microscope.


QBC ParaLens Advance Complete Fluorescence System with Portability Pack
Includes 4 main body assemblies with 20x, 40x, 60x and 100x objectives, blue LED light source, detachable filter set arm for use with blue LED light source, power pack with international plug adapters, one 30 mL bottle of immersion oil, ParaViewer, flat blade screwdriver, ParaLens Advance preventative maintenance kit, solar cell battery pack, solar cell wall plug, USB to 3.5 mm cable, 3.5 mm to light source cable, 12 V battery clip to lighter adapter and lighter adapter to light source cable, in a case.

  • Standard RMS Threading: Ensures that the ParaLens Advance can attach to any compound light microscopes. (Note: Adapter rings available for non-standard sizes.)
  • Detachable Filter Arm: Contains all filters necessary for flourescence microscopy. The arm slides into the main body of the ParaLens Advance and is held into place through a pair of powerful magnets.
  • LED Light Source (not shown): The blue LED light source attaches to the filter set arm, emitting blue light with a 410- 511 nm wavelength.
  • Focusing Lens: Focuses the LED light and passes it through to the excitation filter.
  • Excitation Filter allows only light in the 385-480 nm range to pass.
  • Dichroic Beam Splitter - Reflects blue light through the objective to the sample. It then allows emitted light from the sample to pass through directly to the viewer.
  • Objective - The ParaLens Advance is currently available with four high-quality objective strengths: 20x (Dry), 40x (Dry), 60x (Oil) and 100x (Oil).
  • Emulsion Filter - Reduces background noise and optimizes the flourescence signal.

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