Alkapharm Alkazyme Enzymatic instrument cleaner 750g loose powder

Product no.: STR171

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• Combined enzymatic detergent system for the decontamination of instruments prior to sterilisation

• For all reusable immersable surgical/medical/dental instruments

• Rapidly dissolves proteins/blood/saliva/faeces etc

• Vastly reduces bio-Burdon on instruments prior to sterilisation

• Continually disinfects the contaminated wash water

• Concentrate: dilutes with ordinary tap water

• Use for both static soaking and ultrasonic cleaning

 • Available in choice of water soluble sachet or loose powder formats

• Water soluble sachets: Tub of 100 x 5gm (each 5g sachet = 1 litre of solution) Tub of 100 x 25gm sachets (each 25g sachet = 5 litres of solution)

• Loose powder: Tub of 750gm, with 5gm measuring scoop (150 litres of solution)

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