Ultrawave QS25 Ultrasonic Bath 25 Litre

Product no.: STR247

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  • Supplied with a stainless steel basket and tight fitting, ergonomic lid.
  • The Q-Series lids significantly reduce the volume of noise generated by the ultrasonic bath while their tight fit minimises the potential of aerosol escape.
  • Each lid and basket combines to form a drip collection unit, minimising the flow of contaminated water, once the cycle is finished
  • MC port allows easy validation tracking between Q-Series and PC
  • Improved software memory logs cleaning parameters allowing easy cycle repeatability
  • Easy traceability of cycle number, time, temperature and sonics validation
  • No need to store hard copy records of each cleaning cycle
  • Easy to use programme menu
  • Combines menu driven controls with single touch easy operation
  • Digital control panel
  • Heated, ambient to 70°C
  • Frequency Leap Technology
  • Timer (0–99 mins)
  • Model - QS25
  • Working Capacity(litres) - 25
  • Max Capacity(litres) - 28
  • External Dimensions(mm) - 550x345x365
  • Tank Dimensions(mm) - 500x300x200
  • Basket Dimensions(mm) - 470x270x140
  • Approx Weight(kg) - 17
  • Ultrasonic Power - 400 Watts

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