Alkacide 30 - 5 Litre Drum

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Alkacide30 solution complies with European standards for disinfection and provides for Bactericidal, Fungicidal and Virucidal activity with a 15 minute contact time.
Sporicidal activity is achieved with extended contact time.

Safe to Use

Alkacide30 ready use solution is nontoxic and nonirritant.


Presented in a drum of 5 litres ready to use solution with detachable easy-pour device.

Directions for Use

Ready to use solution, DO NOT DILUTE: Using a dedicated container completely
immerse, precleaned and preferably disassembled instruments into the Alkacide
solution for the minimum recommended contact times.
Following immersion, rinse instruments thoroughly with clean water.
Change to fresh solution daily or earlier should  soiling of the solution become evident.

Instrument Care

1. Avoid contact corrosion by separating stainless steel from NONstainless steel instruments and disinfect separately.
2. Discard corroded instruments, (rust particles are transferred from one instrument to another during cleaning, disinfecting and sterilising).
3. To help preserve instrument life a second and short final rinse using demineralised water is recommended.

Active Contents

0.47% 1.5 Pentanedial,
Potentiated with Quaternary Ammonium
Nonionic and Cationic Surfactants,
Corrosion Inhibitor,
Scale Inhibitor.

Cautionary Notes

(In accordance with labelling regulations)
For professional use only.

  • Ready to use solution DO NOT DILUTE
  • Wear gloves when handling solution
  • Keep containers closed when not in use
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Do not ingest
  • In case of contact with eyes or skin rinse away with water
  • In case of spillage, wash away using cold water
  • Use before expiry date on pack
  • Change to fresh solution daily or earlier should soiling of the solution become evident
  • For advice on handling/storage refer to product safety data sheet
  • Empty containers should be thoroughly rinsed with water prior to disposal/recycling


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