Alkapharm IMPRESSIV - 1 Litre Trigger Spray

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Alcohol Based
ImpressiV is fast drying, will cause no distortion to Impressions or diversion to detail.

Simple and Safe

Dental impressions are simply prerinsed under running water to remove any visible
contamination then sprayed with the solution which rapidly achieves a high level of disinfection to the surface area treated. ImpressiV is free of all Aldehydes, Chlorine or Phenols.


Each 1 litre of ImpressiV ready to use solution is sufficient to disinfect
approximately 200 dental impressions.


1 Litre flask of ready use solution with trigger spray dispense.
5 Litre drum (refill) of ready use solution.

Directions for Use

  • Rinse the dental impression thoroughly under clean running water in order to remove all ‘visible’ contamination, blood, saliva etc.
  • Allow the excess water residue to drain from the dental impression
  • Spray the ImpressiV solution directly onto the dental impression ensuring complete coverage
  • Allow the Dental impression to dry naturally
  • Following treatment dental impressions should be stored/protected from possible cross contamination

Chemical Composition

PROPAN-2-OL 60-90%
Ampholitic Surface Active Agents
Microbial activity: 30 seconds (*5 minutes)
Bactericidal. Tuberculocidal. Mycobactericidal*.
Levuricidal. Fungicidal*. HIV-1, PRV (HBV surrogate). Influenza A virus H1N1 and Vaccina virus. Adenovirus, BVDC (HCV surrogate).
Herpesvirus, Rotavirus, Coronavirus.

Cautionary Notes

(In accordance with labelling regulations)

  • Highly Flammable
  • Irritating to the eyes
  • Vapours may cause drowsiness and dizziness
  • Keep away from sources of ignition - No smoking
  • In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek
    medical advice
  • Use only in well ventilated areas
  • Wear eye/face protection
  • Wear suitable gloves
  • Not recommended for use on alcohol sensitive surfaces
  • For advice on handling/storage refer to product safety data sheet
  • Empty container should be thoroughly rinsed with water prior to disposal/recycling

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