Alkapharm System 3 Instrument Suspension Foam

Alkapharm System 3 Instrument Suspension Foam

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Alkapharm System 3 Instrument Suspension Foam
Delays instrument drying whilst actively breaking down blood soil proteins to aid the final cleaning/sterilisation process.


Triple Action

  1. Delays Instrument drying
  2. Active agents aid reprocessing 
  3.  Helps prevent soiled instruments from rusting and pitting

System3 foaming solution is specifically formulated as an aid to instrument reprocessing during *DHT.

This ready to use solution delays the natural drying process for up to 24 hrs whilst its enzymatic pre-cleansing formula actively break down blood soil proteins vastly aiding the final cleaning /sterilisation process.

Simple and safe to use.


  • 800ml bottle with trigger dispense
  • Ready to use formula with foaming action
  • Alcohol, dye and perfume free

*DHT (Decontamination Holding Time)
“It is important to keep soiled instruments moist in order to prevent organic soil (Blood/tissue etc.) from drying/hardening and to avoid rusting or pitting of instruments prior to final decontamination”


Directions for use:

Ready to use foam solution (do not dilute)

  1. Immediately following use soiled instruments should be placed in a suitable shallow container/instrument tray.
  2. Spray System3 foaming solution directly onto the soiled instruments ensuring complete coverage.
  3. Following application instruments/container should be kept covered, (instruments will remain moist for up to 24 hrs following application)
  4. Prior to final decontamination rinse instruments under running water.

Cautionary notes:

For professional use only.
Store in a cool place away from sources of heat.
Contains alkaline liquid enzyme. May produce a allergic reaction.

  • Gloves should be worn when handling product
  • Dispense product only from original container
  • Avoid contact with eyes (In case of accidental contact with eyes bathe with running, seek medical attention if irritation persists)
  • Do not breath spray
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Empty container should be rinsed prior to disposal/recycling 
  • Use by date stated on pack

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