Alkapharm Protein Test Kit - Pack of 20

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Alkapharm Protein Testing Kit has been scientifically developed to help determine the effectiveness of the cleaning / disinfection procedures within the medical / dental / clinical environments.

Protein upon any hard surface may suggest that bacteria is also present. In the case of a surface area previously considered as clean, identifying the presence of protein would indicate that an insufficient level of cleaning had been carried out and also help to identify that only detergent/ disinfection products that will achieve adequate levels of decontamination are being used.

Use in order to identify even low protein levels on any hard surface to include:

  • Surgical /Medical/Dental instruments
  • Washer Disinfectors, Ultrasonic Cleaners 
  • Surfaces of Medical furniture & equipment etc.

Instructions for Use
This test kit can rapidly identify protein residues as low as 20 ppm remaining on hard surfaces, medical devices and equipment.

Cautionary Note
Cotton swabs and test tubes are single use tems and should not be reused



  • The wearing of clean gloves is required in order to avoid a false reading due to natural skin proteins
  • In order to obtain as accurate as possible readings Surfaces being tested must becompletely dry prior to application of the test.
  1. Use a new cotton swab to wipe over the surface area to be tested
  2. Place the swab into a new test tube and replace lid.
  3. Shake the test tube for a minimum of 10 seconds then store the test tube within a numbered holder within the test box for a maximum of 5 minutes then view the result.
  4. No colour changes indicates a negative result in that no protein was detected
  5. Any change to colour Blue indicates a positive result in that protein was detected and the surface area tested will require cleaning and/or disinfection as required.

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