BSN Medical Tensplast Elastic Adhesive Bandage - 2.5cm x 4.5m (Plaster) - (Stretched) Tan

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BSN Medical Tensplast Elastic Adhesive Bandage  -  2.5cm x 4.5m (Plaster) - (Stretched) Tan


Elastic adhesive bandage
Combining a specially formulated porous adhesive and a superior woven cloth, Tensoplast® provides an unrivalled level of clinical performance with maximum patient comfort and compliance.


Product benefits and design features
High quality extensible fabric made of high-twist cotton yarns
Superior stretch and regain properties provide good comformability


Porous, zinc-oxide adhesive
Allows skin to breath reduces maceration
Bandage remains securely in place with continuous reliable adhesion


Soft, non-fraying edges
Helps to prevent the bandage from constricting or leaving marks on the skin


Rounded edged core
Comfortable application, user friendly


Distinctive central line
Encourages accurate overlap during application


Range of sizes
Easy application to conform around a variety of body contours
Accurate application to maintain stability of an injured joint or ligament


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