Wallach Endocell Disposable Endometrial Cell Sampler – 6 Boxes of 35 (210 Pieces)

Product no. HSU247
Manufacturer code. 908015

Endocell Endometrial Sampler (box of 35)

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  • Wrapped individually for assured sterility
  • Insert Endocell through the cervix, pull the plunger, move the sampler back & forth to produce a good endometrial sample
  • A simple, painless 5 minute technique performed in the surgery, which is as effective as a full D & C for carcinoma detection
  • Smoother and slightly stiffer for easier insertion
  • Easily mouldable 
  • "O" ring in the piston for better vacuum and smoother action 
  • It holds the largest sample of all similar products available

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