Introducing the seca screen 300 – A Fully Integrated ABPM Recorder

Published: 1st March 2024

The first ABPM recorder successfully validated according to ESH-IP 2010

The seca screen 300 can guarantee exact and reliable measurement results and artefact suppression is significantly improved due to new validation. Automatic day-night recognition, faster inflating and deflating times as well as the low-noise operation make the recorder very comfortable for the patient.

  • Fully integrated with EMIS and Systmone
  • Precise measurement even during atrial fibrillation
  • Skin-friendly, easy-to-disinfect, synthetic cuff available in sizes S to XXL (latex-free)
  • High-quality double tube system for significant reduction of motion artefacts
  • Efficient energy management enables recordings up to 72 hours
  • Enhanced patient comfort due to low operating noise and blood pressure adapted inflation control
  • Fast wireless data transfer from the recorder to the PC
  • Night mode for a restful sleep
  • Low-noise pump valve unit for patient friendly measurement
  • Adaptive algorithm for gentle measurement
  • Robust recorder with high-performance components for a long product life cycle

Check out the seca screen 300 here

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