Clinell Universal Wipes CW200 – Pack of 200

Product no. STR325
Manufacturer code. CW200

Clinell Universal Wipes (200 Pack) CW200 – The UK’s most trusted single-step detergent and disinfectant wipe; for use on surfaces and non-invasive medical devices.

The most effective universal formula n the market: Proven to kill 99.999% of germs. A clinically effective alternative to two-step protocols, improving environmental decontamination compliance & adherence to protocols

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Clinell Universal Wipes - Pack of 200 Wipes (CW200)

The UK’s most trusted single-step detergent and disinfectant wipe; ideal for use on surfaces and non-invasive medical devices. View safety data sheet »

The most effective universal formula on the market.
Proven to kill 99.999% of germs making the Universal Sanitising Wipes one of the most effective sanitising wipes on the market. Contains a mix of biocides with different mechanisms of action prevents bacterial resistance and super bug formation.

A clinically effective alternative to two-step protocols, Clinell Universal Wipes improve environmental decontamination compliance and adherence to protocols. Clinell Universal Wipes are formulated and engineered to maximise disinfection and minimise effort. Loaded into a dispenser at the point of use, they can be applied to surfaces straight from the pack. No dilutions, no preparation, no problems.

  • With exceptional material compatibility, safe for plastics, rubbers and metals; Clinell Universal Wipes are suitable for the disinfection and cleaning of non-invasive medical devices.
  • Can be used on dirty hands (ie soiled hands) without sore or dry hands even with frequent use.
  • Effective against MRSA, COVID-19, Acinetobacter, VRE, Klebsiella, Pseudomonas, TB, Norovirus, Hepatitis B & C and many more.
  • Saves money by replacing multiple cleaning products with a single wipe.
  • Multi-purpose acts as a disinfectant, detergent and hand wipe replacing the need for different types of wipes and surface cleaners.
  • No dilution errors, no additional products and no wasted time
  • Ideal for use on medical equipment such as: stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs and pulse oximeter probes
  • Wipes provide advantages over solution-cloth disinfectants. When applied to a cloth or ‘substrate’, biocides can be adsorbed onto the material.

Product FAQs:

Do I need to wear gloves?
Aligned to the NHS ‘The gloves are off!’ Campaign, Clinell Universal Wipes offer a very safe product where the user is not required to wear gloves for routine use but local risk assessment should assess if gloves are required for prolonged usage or for users with very sensitive skin.

Why is the product referred to as a Universal Wipe?
The wipes function as both disinfectant and detergent. They can also be used on all surfaces and all ward-based equipment.

Why is it important to clean in addition to disinfecting?
Dirt creates a barrier between a surface and the disinfectant on the wipe therefore prevents the surface from being disinfected. Clinell Universal Wipes are designed to remove both dirt and disinfect at the same time meaning detergent and disinfectant wipes no longer need to be bought as two separate products.

What does the term "contact time" mean?
"Contact time" is the time required for the disinfectant to act on pathogens. Essentially: how long it takes for the disinfectant to work.

Where can Universal Wipes be used?
Universal Wipes are safe to be used on all surfaces. They will not damage rubbers, plastics or metals. Alcohol-based wipes tend to damage materials after prolonged use, our patented, pH neutral formula ensures this does not occur. Alongside surfaces, Universal Wipes can be used on all non-invasive medical devices.

What products do these wipes replace?
Able to replace all detergent and disinfectant surface wipes (except for Peracetic Acid Wipes). Doing so will help standardise wipe usage in a hospital, saving time, money and preventing confusion about the type of wipe required for each cleaning task.

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