Medtronic i-Port Advance Injection Port

Product no. BCH627
Manufacturer code. MMT-100

Medtronic i-Port Advance Injection Port. Suitable for diabetic insulin injections, amongst other mediciations from NHS. Competitive price for new medical product designed for the subcutaneous injections, now pain free.

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Medtronic i-Port Advance Injection Port (Diabetes & More)
Suitable for daily diabetic insulin injections, amongst others
i-Port Advance™ is a discreet injection port that comes with an inserter for patients who use a pen or syringe to administer multiple daily subcutaneous injections. It is suitable for both adults and children, with NHS medications.

Each i-Port enables multiple subcutaneous injections for three days (or 75 injections) without having to puncture the skin for each dose of medication. The port can be worn during all normal activities, including exercising, sleeping, and bathing.
i-Port Advance™ injection port is easy to apply. It includes a built-in inserter, which gives you a quick, virtually painless application. Only a soft flexible tube, called a cannula stays under the skin. Once applied, inject your medication through the port instead of your skin (no medication is stored inside the device).

  • Ideal for diabetic insulin injections
  • Reduces need to painful subcatainious injections
  • Each port can be used for three days (or 75 injections)
  • You can use the port with pens or syringes. Needles need to be 5-8mm (3/16-5/16”) in length and 32-28 gauge.
  • Can be worn during all normal activities including: Exercising, sleeping, and bathing
  • Can decrease anxiety, is more beneficial than daily injections and is comfortable to wear
  • Suitable for both adults and children
  • Available with 6mm or 9mm cannula

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Height9.3 mm above skin, applied
Body Diameter28.7 mm
Ahesive Pad Diameter39.5 mm
Cannula LengthAvailable in 6 mm and 9 mm lengths
Box quantityAvailable in 2 or 10 port pack
Calibre Insersion Needle27 gauge
Residual Space
Use withboth adults and children
Needle CompatibilityShould not exceed 8mm in length
Septum durabilityUp to 75 needle sticks
Wear timeUp to 72 hours or 75 needles sticks (whichever comes first)

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