Alkapharm SYSTEM 4 – 1 Litre Flask

Product no. STR384
Manufacturer code. SYS4000

System4 is formulated to remove grease and grime from the internal surfaces within autoclaves whilst preventing the formation of harmful limescale deposits.
Used routinely System4 will keep all internal surfaces thoroughly clean, scale and odour free helping to ensure peak operating performance is maintained throughout the working life of the autoclave.

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Each litre of System4 concentrate makes up to 50 litres of in use solution.

Simple and Safe to Use


System4 solution is non foaming, nontoxic and
fully biodegradable. Pleasant deodorising action makes System4 the preferred product of choice helping mask other unpleasant odours.


Presented in a bottle of 1 litre liquid concentrate.

Directions for Use

  • Drain the autoclave reservoir
  • Mix 20ml (2 caps full) of System4 concentrate to 1 litre of demineralised water. In cases of particularly heavy soiling use double strength i.e. 40ml (4 caps full) to 1 litre of demineralised water
  • Refill reservoir with the cleaning solution
  • Run autoclave for one cycle - following cycle completion, drain reservoir of all remaining System4 solution
  • Refill reservoir with demineralised water and run autoclave for one further cycle to rinse
  • Following rinse cycle drain reservoir and wipe interior chamber dry
  • Refill reservoir ready for use


It is recommended that the above cleaning procedure be carried out routinely at least once a week.
  • All instruments should be removed from chamber prior to commencing cleaning operation
  • Beware of hot surfaces when cleaning interior chamber
  • Always use distilled or demineralised water in accordance with autoclave
    manufacturers instructions

Chemical Composition

Nonionic detergent system
Chelating agent
Mildly alkaline

Cautionary Notes
(In accordance with labelling regulations)
For professional use only.
CONCENTRATE: Dilute as per user instructions.

  • Irritating to Eyes and skin
  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes
  • For advice on handling/storage refer to product safety data sheet
  • Empty containers should be thoroughly rinsed with water prior to disposal/recycling

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