Drive Devilbiss Integra Shell Pressure Relief Mobile Chair

Drive Devilbiss
Product no. HDA649
Manufacturer code. SHELLINT16BE

Drive Devilbiss INTEGRA – Shell Seat For Nursing Homes
Available as 16″, 18″ or 20″
Developed as an aid for moving and handling residents around in nursing home environments. It is an ideal transfer aid and provides the user with great comfort and support. The Integra Shell Seat tilts forward easily to help the user stand up from the chair. The chair is useful for users who are seated for long periods at a time and at risk of developing pressure ulcers, therefore requiring additional support, comfort and positioning assistance.

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Additional information

Drive Devilbiss Integra Chair
Shell Seat For residential care & nursing homes

Available as 16", 18" or 20"
The Pressure Relief Mobile Chair, has been developed to assist in the movement and handling of residents within nursing home environments. It serves as an effective aid for transferring users and offers them exceptional comfort and support.

The Integra Shell Seat boasts a user-friendly tilting mechanism that facilitates easy standing up from the chair. It proves particularly valuable for individuals who spend extended periods seated and are at risk of developing pressure ulcers. These users require added support, comfort, and assistance with positioning.

Product Features:

  • Operates as a tilt-in-space chair via a gas strut mechanism.
  • The chair will rise and tilt users to their feet.
  • The ergonomically designed push handle with a hand lever enables effortless tilting.
  • The leg rest, which is both angle adjustable and detachable, automatically moves beneath the seat during forward tilting. This design aids users in getting out of the chair with ease.
  • The ergonomically designed headrest, attached with Velcro, is easily adjustable
  • Lap belt is fitted as standard for additional safety.
  • Features a convenient storage pocket on the backrest.
  • Smooth manoeuvrability is ensured by high-quality brake wheels (12.5cm) that can rotate 360 degrees.
  • Directional wheel allows straight-line transfers.
  • Good hoist access for easy moving and handling.
  • Brown leather style upholstery on the outside, together with 2 way stretch, breathable Dartex material on the inside.
  • High risk cushion supplied as standard.

For more details, refer to the Integra Shell Pressure Relief Mobile Chair User Manual

Integra Shell Specification
Overall Width67 - 72cm (26 - 28")
Overall Depth89cm (35")
Seat Width39, 45, 51cm (15, 18, 20")
Seat Depth41, 44, 47cm (16, 17, 18.5")
Seat Height45, 49, 53cm (18, 19, 21")
Chair Tilting-3° Transfer Forward
Seat Recline+27° Backwards
Max Capacity120kg (19st)
Seat weightApprox. 29 kg (4.5st)

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