Hypo Box Hypoglycaemia Glucose Kit

Brand BBI
Product no. BCH299
Manufacturer code. 4044004

Hypo Box hypogHypobox is a one-stop care kit that provides a range of glucose products for use in cases of hypoglycaemia in diabetes patients.
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Hypo Box Hypoglycaemia Kit

Hypo Box Hypoglycaemia Kit for cases of hypoglycaemia in diabetes patients.
HypoBox is a one stop care kit that provides a range of glucose products for use in cases of low blood sugar, typically used for those with Diabetes. Conveniently contained in a bright and durable case for easy identification and simple use.

This specialised box is especially crucial for those with diabetes, who may experience sudden drops in blood glucose levels, requiring prompt attention and specific supplies. NHS recommends ‘hypo boxes are available in hospital wards to promote access to prompt and effective treatment for all patients in the event of hypoglycaemia.'

The Hypo Box Hypoglycaemia Kit - HypoBox is ideal for organisations and departments such as Hospitals Wards, Nursing Homes, Schools, Diabetic Clinics, GP Surgeries etc. It is an essential kit in areas which may occur diabetic persons low blood sugar issues.

Hypo Box Contents

Each kit contains:

  • 1 x GlucoTabs pack – 20 tablets 4g fast acting glucose per tablet
    Recommendation is 3-5 tablets (12g – 20g glucose) 20 individually wrapped tablets per pack
  • 3 x GlucoJuice (60ml bottles) - Precise dose per bottle of 15g fast acting glucose per bottle
    No need for part-measuring/decanting to container and Non-carbonated
  • 2 x GlucoGel triple pack cartons (3 tubes per carton) 10g glucose measure per 25g tube - very Easy to administer
  • Record Book for recording low blood sugar incidents

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