Leukomed Sterile Adhesive Dressing 10cm x 30cm (pad size 5cm x 25cm) – Box of 50

Brand BSN Medical
Product no. TAP-45.5
Manufacturer code. 7238005

A non-woven dressing with an absorbent wound pad, Leukomed is the sterile
wound dressing for the skin-friendly treatment of exuding wounds.


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Additional information

Particularly smooth with a highly absorbent wound pad, Leukomed® is the sterile wound dressing for the skin-friendly treatment of secreting wounds.

BSN Medical Leukomed Wound Dressing - 10x 30  (50)

  • For surgical wounds and minor wound protection: Sterilised and individually
  • Reduced risk of maceration: Leukomed dressings are air and moisture permeable making them particularly skin friendly
  • Reliable absorption: The highly absorbent dressing pad ensures reliable absorption of exudate
  • Secure fit: The dressings have a reliable initial and permanent adhesion.
  • Rounded edges to prevent rucking
  • Minimise dressing changes: The highly absorbent wound pad used in
  • Leukomed prolong the intervals between dressing changes
  • Patient comfort: Leukomed products are comfortable and conformable. For best results allow any swelling to subside prior to application.

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