Medisco Complete Emergency Resus Trolley

Brand Medisco
Product no. AE707
Manufacturer code. AE707

Medisco Emergency Resuscitation Trolley complete with contents. Crucial piece of medical equipment for faciliting rapid and efficient response during CPR and other life-saving interventions.

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Medisco Complete Emergency Resus Trolley with Contents

The Medisco Emergency Resuscitation Trolley is a crucial piece of medical equipment designed to facilitate rapid and efficient response in emergency situations, particularly those involving cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and other life-saving interventions.

  • Designed for ease of operation
  • All the trolleys contents are accessible without disturbing the work surface
  • Worktop is lipped to contain any spills
  • Simple and effective locking system to secure contents
  • Robust design but easily moved, manufactured from mild steel
  • Fitted with non-marking bumper and roller bearing castors

Complete with the following items:

  • AE308 - Medisco M-93 Emergency Resus Trolley 3 Drawer - Basic
  • AE255 - Philips Heartstart HS1 AED Defibrillator with Slim Carry Case
  • AE430.2 - Laerdal The Bag II Adult Disposable Resuscitator w/mask #4
  • AE123 - Laryngoscope Set with 3 Macintosh Blades
  • HCP196 - Intersurgical Disposable Guedel Airways Size 2 (each) Green
  • HCP197 - Intersurgical Disposable Guedel Airways Size 3 (each) Orange
  • HCP198 - Intersurgical Disposable Guedel Airways Size 4 (each) Red
  • AE458.1 - Smiths Medical Portex Silicone Laryngeal Mask Size 3 - Children 30-50kg (EACH)
  • AE455 - Portex Silicone Laryngeal Mask Size 5
  • AE038 - Portex Endotracheal Tube Uncuffed Blue Single Line 7mm
  • AE040 - Portex Endotracheal Tube Uncuffed Blue Single Line 8mm
  • AE022 - Drive Devilbiss Vacuaide 7325 Portable Suction Machine with canister
  • AE096.2 - DeVilbiss 6ft Tubing (each) for Vacuaide suction unit
  • HCP423 - Becton Dickinson Venflon Cannula 14g Orange
  • HCP422 - Venflon Cannula 16g Grey (Single)
  • HCP420 - Becton Dickinson Venflon Cannula 18g Green
  • HCP419 - Becton Dickinson Venflon Cannula 20g Pink (single)
  • AE020.1 - Accoson Pull Tight Elasticated - Red
  • HST058 - Nurses Standard Stethoscope (Single Head)
  • HSU470 - Magills Catheter Inducing Forceps Adult
  • HSU560.2 - Rocialle Inhealth Optimo Supersnip S/S Sterile (15) (Green handle)
  • HCP002.1 - Comfigel Lubricating Jelly – 42g (single)

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