iPAD NFK200 Semi-Automatic AED Defibrillator

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Product no. AE2166
Manufacturer code. 63706

iPAD NFK200 is an affordable, compact AED Defibrillator ideally suited for the workplace. Public access AED for quick and convenient support in emergency.

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Additional information

NFK200 AED Defibrillator

This is a new model of the iPAD series public access AED. The iPAD NFK200 AED Defibrillator is a simple to use, intuitive defibrillator allowing for quick and convenient pads access.

Convenience You can easily switch between Adult and Child mode with the NFK200’s new electronic push-button, ensuring swift adaptability in critical moments.

Resilient Build
The NFK200 is IP42 rated, offering solid protection against dust and foreign objects, safeguarding its performance in various environments.

USB Data Transfer
Seamlessly extract and analyse crucial data with the NFK200’s USB data transfer capability, simplifying post-event reporting and facilitating data-driven improvements.

Clear Visual and Calming Verbal Instructions
The NFK200 offers clear visual and calming verbal instructions, allowing you to take decisive action confidently.

CPR Step Detection Indicator
Increase the effectiveness of your CPR wit the NFK200’s step detection indicator, ensuring you provide optimal chest compressions for better outcomes.

Key Features
  • Easy access to pads from front panel
  • Device and consumables status LED indicator
  • CPR metronome, voice guidance, and graphic
  • Automatic internal discharge
  • Daily / weekly / monthly self test
  • Adult / paediatric mode change button
  • Semi automated e cube biphasic defibrillation
  • Combined adult / paediatric pads
  • CPR step detection indicator for more effective CPR
Dimensions 260mm x 220mm x 70mm (Width x Length x Height)

Weight 2.2kg (Including the battery pack and pads)

Full list of specifications can be found here

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