Omron Easy Cuff – Medium to Large (22-42cm) HEM-RML31-E

Product no. HSP1157.1
Manufacturer code. HEM-RML31-E

Omron Easy Cuff – Medium to Large (22-42cm) HEM-RML31-E. Compatible Models: M2 Basic, M1 Basic, X2 Basic, M2, M300, M400, MIT5s connect, M2 Classic, M3 Expert, M3 Family, M3, MIT3, OA3, M6 AC, M500 IT, M6

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Additional information

Product Description: Blood pressure monitor cuff - Omron Easy cuff 22 - 42 cm HEM-RML31-E
Model: HEM-RML31
Arm Circumference: 22 - 42 cm
Measurement Range Pressure: 0 to 299 mmHg
Pulse: 40 to 180 beats/min.
Accuracy Pressure: ±3 mmHg Pulse: ±5% of display reading
Service lifetime: 1 year


Suitable for use with the following OMRON blood pressure monitors:

  • M2 Basic (HEM-7121J-E)
  • M1 Basic (HEM-7121J-AF / HEM-7121J-LAF)
  • X2 Basic (HEM-7121J-EO)
  • M2 (HEM-7121-E)
  • M300 (HEM-7121-D)
  • M400 (HEM-7131-D)
  • MIT5s connect (HEM-7280T-E)
  • M2 Classic (HEM-7122-LRU / HEM-7122-ALRU)
  • M3 Expert (HEM-7154-ALRU / HEM-7132-LRU / HEM-7132-ALRU)
  • M3 Family (HEM-7133-ALRU)
  • M3 (HEM-7154-E / HEM-7131-E)
  • MIT3 (HEM-7270-E)
  • OA3 (HEM-7270-D)
  • M6 AC, M500 IT, M6 (HEM-7322-E / HEM-7322-UE / HEM-7322-UD / HEM
  • 7322-ME / HEM-7322-ALRU)
  • HEM-8712-CM / HEM-8712-CM2 / HEM-8712-BS / HEM-8712-BS2
  • HEM-8713-CM / HEM-8713-BS

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