Swann-Morton Sterile 158mm Skin Graft Blades – Pack of 10

Brand Swann-Morton
Product no. HSU460
Manufacturer code. 9940

Swann-Morton Sterile 158mm Skin Graft Blades (10 Pack) 9940. 158 mm Skin Graft Blades.

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The 158 mm Skin Graft Blades are used in the surgical removal of a patch of healthy skin from one area of the patient's body, usually the buttocks or inner thigh, which is then transplanted to another.

Skin grafts may be recommended for Burns, specific surgeries that may require skin grafts for healing to occur and for areas of prior infection with extensive skin loss.

Still under development, the range currently consists of the popular Stainless Steel sterile 158 mm Skin Graft Blade (9940) which fits the Braithwaite (9901), Cobbett (9902) and Watson (9903) Skin Graft Handles.

Blade - Sterile
Material - Stainless Steel
Description - Individual packets
Code - 9940
Packets - 10's

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