Introducing the Clinispin CT30 Centrifuge

Published: 10th April 2024

The essential centrifuge for blood processing in Clinics/Hospitals, Veterinary Surgeries & Contract Research Organisations.

Introducing the Clinispin CT30 Centrifuge with features aimed at streamlining sample preparation and separation. Powered by a microprocessor and brushless DC motor with variable speed control ranging from 500 to 4000 RPM in precise increments of 10 RPM, coupled with rotor options including horizontal swing out and fixed angle tubes, the Clinispin CT30 Centrifuge ensures rapid and accurate separation with every use. Its user-friendly interface allows for timer settings from 1 to 999 minutes and the creation of up to 99 custom programs, making it adaptable to a wide array of clinical and research needs.

Designed for ease of operation and built to last, the Clinispin CT30 features a low loading height and a brushless DC motor for maintenance-free longevity. Its smart airflow design not only ensures quiet operation but also keeps temperature rise to a minimum, safeguarding delicate samples. Safety is paramount, with a lid lock feature and automatic imbalance detection for worry-free operation. From clinics and laboratories to remote healthcare settings, the Clinispin CT30 is the go-to solution for efficient and reliable sample processing, making it indispensable in the realms of medical and scientific research.

  • Variable speed with precise RPM/RCF setting from 500-4000 RPM in steps of 10 RPM
  • Rapid horizontal separation
  • Rotor options include horizontal swing out 6 tube and fixed angle 8 or 16 tube
  • Timer setting from 1-999 minutes
  • Favourite mode – set up to 99 user defined programs
  • Low loading height for ease of operation
  • Brushless DC motor for maintenance free long life
  • One switch change over from RPM to RCF
  • Smart air flow design ensures quiet operation and low temperature rise
  • Lid lock safety feature – lid opens automatically on run completion
  • Automatic imbalance detection for safe operation

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