Our Otoscope and Ophthalmoscope Bulb Guide

Published: 12th September 2023

Finding the right replacement blub for your Otoscope or Ophthalmoscope can be difficult at times. Our Otoscope and Ophthalmoscope bulb guide will help you find the blub you need for your Keeler, Heine, Welch Allyn or Riester diagnostic devices.


HCE CodeManf NumberVoltageCompatible Devices
HOP7111011-P-71222.8VJazz Ophthalmoscope
HOP1301011-P-70502.8VPocket Ophthalmoscope
HOP2611011-P-71062.8VStandard, Professional, Practitioner Ophthalmoscope
HOP2911011-P-71143.6VStandard, Professional, Practitioner Ophthalmoscope
HOP1321011-P-70343.6VSpecialist, Vista Ophthalmoscope
HOP1311011-P-70422.8VSpecialist, Vista Ophthalmoscope
HOP1331015-P-70312.8VPocket, Standard, Deluxe, Vetscope Otoscope and Tongue Depressor
HOP1341015-P-70233.6VStandard, Deluxe, Vetscope Otoscope and Tongue Depressor
HOP1351015-P-70662.8VPractitioner, Vista, Fibre Optic Otoscope and Finhoff Transilluminator
HOP1361015-P-70583.6VPractitioner, Vista, Fibre Optic Otoscope and Finhoff Transilluminator
HOP9351013-P-70093.6VProfessional, Vistra SR or AM Streak Retinoscope
HOP9361012-P-70043.6VPractitioner, Vista, Fibre Optic Otoscope and Finhoff Transilluminator


HCE CodeManf NumberVoltageCompatible Devices
HOP364X-001.88.0372.5Valpha/alpha+ F.O./BETA100/BETA100 VET/K100/mini2000
F.O./Operating Otoscope, Curved Laryngeal Mirror,
  alpha/alpha+/mini/mini3000/BETA Tongue blade holder
X-002.88.044X-002.88.0443.5Valpha+ Finoff, Glaucotest, Standard F.O. 4 NT Laryngoscope Handle,
F.O. 4 SLIM NT Laryngoscope Handle, F.O. 4 SHORT NT Laryngoscope Handle,
Angled F.O. Laryngoscope Handle, Illumination Head for Spreadable Anal Speculum.
HOP367X-002.88.0493.5Valpha+ F.O./BETA100/BETA100 VET/K100/Operating Otoscope, alpha+/BETA Tongue blade holder
HOP1049X-001.88.0692.5VBETA200 M2/BETA200/BETA200S Ophthalmoscope
HOP375X-002.88.0703.5VBETA200 M2/BETA200/BETA200S Ophthalmoscope
HOP374X-001.88.0772.5VBETA200 VET/BETA200 F.O./BETA400 F.O./K180 F.O Otoscope, LAMBDA100 Retinometer,
Finoff Transilluminator, Slit Illumination Head
HOP375.1X-002.88.0783.5VBETA200/BETA400/K180/BETA200 VET Otoscope. LAMBDA 100 Retinometer, Finoff
Transilluminator, Slit Illumination Head and Illumination Adaptor for F.O. Instruments.
HOP370X-001.88.0842.5VK180 Ophthalmoscope.
HOP717X-001.88.1052.5VMini3000 F.O. Otoscope.
HOP715X-001.88.1062.5VMini3000 Ophthalmoscope.
X-001.88.107X-001.88.1072.5VMini3000 Clip Lamp and mini3000 Combi Lamp.
X-001.88.108X-001.88.1082.5VMini-c Clip Lamp.
X-001.88.109X-001.88.1092.5VMini3000 Dermatoscope.
HOP716X-001.88.1102.5VMini3000 Otoscope.
HOP1386X-001.88.1116VOMEGA500 XHL and OMEGA500 with DV1 XHL.

Welch Allyn

HCE CodeManf NumberCompatible Devices
HOP01404900-UWelch Allyn Coaxial Ophthalmoscope Halogen HPX Bulb
HOP64504900-LEDWelch Allyn Coaxial Ophthalmoscope LED Bulb
HOP01603100-UWelch Allyn Diagnostic Otoscope Halogen Bulb
HOP64303100-LEDWelch Allyn Diagnostic Otoscope LED Bulb
HOP74203000-UWelch Allyn Halogen Ophthalmoscope Bulb
HOP47606500-UWelch Allyn MacroView Halogen Bulb
HOP64406500-LEDWelch Allyn MacroView LED Bulb
HOP235.103800-UWelch Allyn PanOptic Ophthalmoscope Halogen HPX Bulb
HOP64603800-LEDWelch Allyn PanOptic Ophthalmoscope LED Bulb
HOP01803900-UWelch Allyn Pocket Scope Ophthalmoscope Halogen Bulb
HOP01703400-UWelch Allyn Pocket Scope Otoscope Halogen Bulb


HCE CodeManf NumberVoltageCompatible Devices
10599105993.5Vri-scope L otoscope L2/L3 & ri-derma
10600106002.5Votoscope ri-mini, ri-scope L2/L3 and e-scope
10605106052.5VRi-Mini, Ri-Scope L1/L2/L3, E-Scope
10626106262.5Vri-scope L otoscopes L2/L3
HOP618118602.5VFor ri-mini F.O. otoscope
HOP618.1114402.5Vpen-scope otoscope
HOP619118622.5VRi-Mini, Ri-Scope L1/L2/L3, E-Scope
HOP620114423.5Vri-scope otoscope L1
HOP621126103.5Vri-scope F.O. otoscope L2/L3, ri-derma, Light conductor, nasal speculum and tongue blade holder
HOP622120333.5Vri-scope L1, L2, L3 ophthalmoscope
HOP632104732.5VPen-scope Ophthalmoscope
HOP633104892.5Votoscope pen-scope/ri-scope L1 and e-scope
HOP686140413.7VLED Otoscope Bulb, E-Scope
HOP687140513.7Ve-scope Ophthalmoscope Bulb

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