Clinell Rediair Instant Air Purifier (Dual HEPA 14 Filters)

Product no. STR006
Manufacturer code. RAIR-UK

What is the Rediair Instant Purifier?
Made by Clinell, the Rediair offers instant air purificiation to poorly ventilated spaces. Capturing particulates, odours and 99.995% of airborne pathogens.

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Clinell Rediair Instant Air Purifier
Rediair makes poorly ventilated spaces safer - Instant air filtration
Rediair is an instant air purification device, providing clean air where & when you need it. Capturing particulates, odours and 99.995% of airborne pathogens.

Rediair provides an almost instant air purification solution for poorly ventilated spaces.

At the heart of Rediair is its dual HEPA 14 and carbon filters. These filters capture 10x the particles of a HEPA 13 machine. Adaptable to any situation, Rediair has 4 different operating modes that begin to decontaminate the surrounding air, within seconds. While trapping particles and odours, Rediair was designed to capture airborne pathogens like bacteria, fungi & viral aerosols.

  • 10x more effective than HEPA 13
    Two carbon composite HEPA 14 filters work in tandem with the dual centrifugal intake fans to capture particulates, odours and 99.995% of airborne pathogens.
  • High clean air delivery rate
    Despite its small form factor, Rediair has an exceptionally high clean air delivery rate (CADR) of up to 600m3/h.
  • Ultra quiet device
    Rediair is surprisingly quiet when in normal use. With its 4 modes of operation, Rediair is designed to decontaminate without causing distraction.

Just plug in, turn on and Rediair starts trapping airborne contaminants right away.

Built around dual HEPA 14 and carbon cloth composite filters, Rediair begins to decontaminate a room's air almost instantly. Plug in, select your mode and let Rediair do the rest; it’s that simple.


  • Dynamic decontamination
    Designed to operate on adjustable turbo, sleep and automatic modes
  • Digital display
    User-friendly display for setting airspeeds, timings and child lock settings
  • Intelligent particulate sensor
    Auto mode monitors in real time and adjusts fan speed to maintain air quality
  • LED indicator
    Colour change LED indicator shows you the air quality of a room immediately
  • Dual HEPA 14 filters
    Featuring a composite carbon layer, Rediair's dual HEPA 14 filters are 10x more effective than domestic HEPA 13 filters
  • Dual centrifugal fans
    Dual fans and sealed brushless motors provide exceptionally high clean air delivery rate (CADR) of up to 600m3/h

Rediair filters should last over 12m with 8hour daily usage
Filter replacement packs are also available (see accessories below)

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