Comfispec Disposable Vaginal Speculum (Medium Long) – Pack of 25

Brand Merlin Medical
Product no. HCP868
Manufacturer code. D52202

Comfispec Disposable Vaginal Speculum in Size Medium-Long (Pack of 25). For gynaecological procedures, such as cervical smear tests and IUCD fittings. A reliable disposable vaginal speculum which offers great value for money

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Additional information

Comfispec Disposable Vaginal Speculum: Medium-Long Size (Pack of 25)
Specifically designed for medical professionals, ComfiSpec® is a high-quality, reliable disposable vaginal speculum which offers great value for money and the predictable performance you expect. Used in gynaecological procedures, such as cervical smear tests and IUCD fittings, the ComfiSpec® disposable speculum is the primary speculum used for primary care. The innovative comfispec® disposable vaginal speculum range offers a range of advantages over similar products.

Product Features:

  • 38 degree opening angle provides best access for gynaecology procedures
  • Handles are displaced further from the patient giving greater comfort for patient and professional
  • Textured and frosted handle provides superior grip and control for user
  • Predictable fail safe feature is outside the patient
  • Large skintrap gap for improved patient safety
  • Fast acting locking mechanism means shorter procedure durations, less patient trauma
  • Silent operation improves patient experience

Cost Effective
Unlike reusable specula, the ComfiSpec® disposable speculum eliminates the need for the costly re-sterilisation process. Each individually packed ComfiSpec® specula features guaranteed sterility to prevent cross-infection during gynaecological procedures, avoiding potential litigation issues.

The superior wall thickness of the ComfiSpec® disposable vaginal speculum provides exceptional strength and reliability, ensuring safety for the patient and professional care from the clinician.  Additionally, the ComfiSpec® is designed to fail safely outside the body at a pre-determined point in extreme situations. 

Locking Mechanism
The fast locking mechanism of the ComfiSpec® speculum guarantees to hold the ComfiSpec® firmly open throughout the examination or procedure leading to:

  • Shorter procedure duration
  • Improved patient experience

Skin Trap
The gap between the beaks of the ComfiSpec® disposable vaginal speculum when closed or when closing has been designed to ensure:

  • Less likelihood of pinching skin when closing the device
  • Improved patient comfort

ComfiSpec® Handles
The ComfiSpec® features smooth, rounded, long and extremely comfortable handles with an ergonomically designed, trigger-like mechanism.  The handles feature dimples and a frosted finish with a generous angle between the speculum and the patient’s body.

Individually wrapped Yes
Opening angle38 Degrees
Lock typeThread and nut
Speculum lockYes

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