Roche CoaguChek Pro II Monitor – 7210841190

Brand Roche
Product no. BCH135
Manufacturer code. W3702

The CoaguChek Pro II Coagulation Meter features multiple enhancements to the previous generation of CoaguChek devices (CoaguChek XS Plus and CoaguChek XS Pro). It brings the lab closer to the patient in the hospital environment. In addition, it continues to support Vitamin K Antagonist (VKA) therapy monitoring in the professional segments, such as anticoagulation (AC) clinics and doctor’s offices.

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Additional information

Expanding coagulation testing in the hospital point of care setting
In addition to monitoring warfarin therapy, the prothrombin time (PT) will help in the determination of factor deficiencies and other coagulopathies in several point-of-care locations. The enhanced connectivity options allow for immediate access to patients’ data via their electronic health records because wireless technology ensures fast, accurate transmission so that workflow will be more streamlined and results will be available for immediate treatment decisions.

When it comes to patient management, the right tool can make all the difference. The CoaguChek Pro II brings simplicity, accuracy, and connectivity together for coagulation monitoring that will impact both clinicians and patients. The CoaguChek Pro II system is used for the determination of PT by healthcare professionals in a Point-of-care environment.

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In addition to INR monitoring, testing PT in critical care situations helps to:

  • Assess coagulation status in bleeding patients or for those taking vitamin K antagonists in A&E
  • Assess vitamin K deficiency, monitor bleeding risk, manage hemostasis and guide transfusion therapy in the operating room
  • Assess vitamin K status and/or vitamin K deficiency in the ICU

Wireless technology

  • Built in Wifi means that results can be automatically shared among clinicians, nurses and patients for convenient access and delivery
  • No need to dock meter to transmit results
  • Integrated 1d and 2d barcode scanner to capture Operator and Patient IDs

Easy to implement with little training

  • The enhanced features of CoaguChek Pro II are simple to use, especially if you’ve already been using CoaguChek® XS Pro or CoaguChek® XS Plus
  • Intuitive user interface makes CoaguChek Pro II easy to use and easy to train

Institution-wide implementation may lead to:

  • Decreased turnaround time
  • Cost savings
  • Streamlined workflow
  • Reduced time to discharge
  • Time savings for staff

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