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Published: 12th January 2024
Formerly known as Clinell Sporicidal Wipes, Clinell Peracetic Acid Wipes offer enhanced surface cleaning and disinfection against hard-to-kill microorganisms like C. difficile, dry surface biofilms, bacteria and viruses – for the prevention of outbreaks that cause HCAIs.

Despite the new name, Clinell Peracetic Acid Wipes maintain the same level of cleaning and disinfection as the original Clinell Sporicidal Wipes. Other disinfectant products or manufacturers work to EN 13704, a standardised test that measures the effectiveness of a disinfectant within the food, industrial, domestic and institutional areas.

Clinell Peracetic Acid Wipes
  • Proven to reduce C. difficile by 72%
  • Kills >100,000x more viable organisms than chlorine dioxide against dry surface biofilms
  • Effective against hard-to-kill organisms including spores, bacteria, viruses and fungi
  • Proven to offer better protection against difficult to remove organisms than chlorine disinfectants

Clinell Peracetic Acid Wipes

Clinell Peracetic Acid Wipes are tested to EN 17126 – A test designed to measure a disinfectant’s effectiveness within a medical setting, which is vital to ensure efficacy against clinically important organisms such as C. difficile.

Clinell Easy Clean Commode

The UK’s number one infection prevention commode.

  • Easyclean – No screws, nuts or bolts and a smooth, curved, non-porous surface allows for better and easier cleaning
  • Multi-functional – Suitable for both pulp and plastic bedpans. Can also be used as a shower chair or over a toilet.
  • Safe and sanitary plastic seat – Latex-free seat cover, which sits flush within the seat, with no stitching or foam which guards against germ build up,
  • Durable, stainless steel frame – With a 3-year frame warranty

Clinell Easy Clean Commode

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