EMR Integrated Medical Equipment

Published: 25th March 2024

As modern healthcare develops into the digital age, electronic medical records are standard in clinics, and hospitals holding diagnosis and treatment information on patients. To ensure accuracy, time and cost-saving benefits many diagnostic devices are now capable of integrating information directly with these EMR systems.

Seamless integration ensures a cohesive ecosystem where patient data flows efficiently between devices and EMRs, fostering improved clinical decision-making and patient care. This synergy enables healthcare providers to access real-time patient information alongside diagnostic results generated by medical equipment, leading to more accurate diagnoses and tailored treatment plans. Moreover, integrated systems streamline administrative tasks, reducing the burden on healthcare professionals and minimizing the potential for errors. Ultimately, this integration enhances patient safety, clinical outcomes, and overall healthcare efficiency, reinforcing the indispensable role of interconnected medical technology in delivering optimal care.

Medical Equipment with EMIS Integration

Created by clinicians, for clinicians, EMIS is a market leading clinical software enables clinics to run services efficiently and deliver the best possible care, with patient safety at its core. Comprehensive, flexible and powerful, EMIS Web is intuitive and easy to learn, providing secure access to all required information and supporting decision making for patients.

HCE are able to supply a range of diagnostic medical devices from leading manufacturers with integrations directly into the EMIS platform. This ensures information collected from the device is quickly and accurately sent to the patient’s records. See below to explore the selection of products with this function:

Medical products that integrate with SystmOne

SystmOne provides a single Electronic Health Record (EHR) for every patient. This shared record is available across all healthcare settings to any staff who require it during a patient’s care. The complete and centralised EHR improves patient care by bridging gaps between services. Clinicians are able to make well-informed decisions, while administrative efficiency is increased through decreased paperwork and the elimination of duplicate data entry. All SystmOne solutions have the patient’s EHR at their centre, ensuring that care and documentation remains consistent across services.

HCE stock and supply a selection of diagnostic medical equipment from leading manufacturers which integrate with Systmone. This connection allows clinical information to be instantly and accurately added to a patients records. See below to explore the selection of products with this function:

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