Introducing BD BodyGuard T Syringe Pump

Published: 13th March 2024

Evolution from CME T34 Ambulatory syringe driver

The BD BodyGuard T syringe pump is a small, lightweight ambulatory infusion pump which offers flexibility and reliability. Effortless transition between hospital and home care requirements is the core of the BD BodyGuard T syringe pump.

Featuring Program lock on/off functionality, healthcare teams can securely manage treatment protocols, ensuring adherence to prescribed regimens. Additionally, the device offers the choice between rate mode or volume/time settings, providing flexibility in dosage administration. With advanced 3 point syringe detection, compatibility is guaranteed across a wide range of syringe sizes, from 2 ml to 50 ml, accommodating various medication volumes and administration

Features and Benefits for the BD BodyGuard T Syringe Pump

Small, lightweight, compact syringe pump for improved patient mobility and comfort

Syringe recognition of commonly used syringe brands (2 to 50ml)†

Three-point syringe detection feature, each with a displacement alarm

Volume detection and automatic calculation of infusion rate in ml/hr

Comprehensive range of alerts / alarms with descriptive display

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