New Product: The Urine Testing System

Published: 7th September 2023
Introducing the world’s only digital closed urine testing system, offering unmatched clinical efficacy, simplicity and accuracy.

The world’s first closed electronic Urine Testing System. Uses a ‘single tube’, for closed system from collection of patient sample to laboratory for testing. No decanting means improved hygiene and reduction in waste and cost from multiple containers. The digital system eliminates transcription errors through the direct transfer of results into the patient records. The electronic urine test and urinalysis system, provides consistent and comprehensive data for clinical audit and saves practitioners time writing and typing in results.

Delivers a fully automated test, improving workflow by enabling you to focus on other tasks whilst the test is processing. The urine analyser reads results with a high grade digital camera which eradicates subjectivity and visual misinterpretations. UTS Software™ presents 10 parameter results in a standardised format in the patient record. All readings are taken at specific time intervals for optimal accuracy.

Experience immediate benefits from first use:

  • Improved workflow and more efficient testing throughput. UTS™ users report significant time savings when testing and recording results when using our urinalysis technology
  • Present comprehensive data in the patient record for clinical review/ audit purposes. Users have found that being able to review all the data in a consistent format provides a more accurate clinical picture over time.
  • Improve hygiene with reduced exposure to urine samples. Our award-winning design presents the first ever ‘closed’ digital urine test, which offers automated urinalysis.3
  • Reduce plastic waste from consumables. Urine Testing System™ users experience up to a 50% reduction in plastic containers.

View our product page here or visit Clinical Design’s website for a full list of specifications

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